Tuesday, October 12, 2010

{Celebrating} - All of you

A big HUGE thank you to all of you for helping spread the 3 Little Birds Boutique love!!! I felt your order love in a big way while our little family was on vacation, thank you! I am finally caught up and all orders are being shipped tomorrow. To celebrate, a 20% off coupon for my Etsy shop. To use your coupon please put "blog love" in the message to seller section at checkout and I will refund you 20%.


  1. That picture is BEAUTIFUL!

    I was wondering where you had been, so glad it was busy with the shop!

    And I wanted to tell you my mom has worn her necklace every day since I gave it to her. She loves it! :)

  2. Hi Sara!!! I am so glad you commented, I have been missing you!! My heart is SO happy to hear your mom wears her necklace everyday!! Lots os love!


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