Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Celebrating Color

Do you love color? You're not alone! I love color too and so do the many members of Colourlovers, a website dedicated to the love of color. This website holds hours of potential fun and you can become a member for free which allows you to create colors, palettes and patterns for your every desire. I created this palette to celebrate the happy colors of summer. What colors symbolize summer to you?



    Your blog is beautiful! I stopped by your store and you have lovely items for sale indeed. Please come over to Midchix and link up your store in our numerous flocks/groups. We are all about the bird theme so I think you would like it there! We had a member come over and link up her jewelry business and she sold an item from her store in the first week on the site. Midchix is like Facebook, but better! It is free of course. See you there and I am going to tell Mama Holli about this site as well!
    Have a great day! YOur business is going to do really well!

  2. URL for Midchix