Sunday, September 5, 2010

{A Little Inspiration Sunday}

I want to introduce you to the man behind my website, graphics, IT...well anything and everything technology related and the man of my dreams. I am so blessed by this man who inspires and amazes me everyday. Meet my husband Derek, the man you can't help but love. You already know him by all of my graphics, blog gadgets, countless photo/html edits and website additions. He works long hours at his real job and then comes home with a smile on his face and asks what he can help me with, love him! Soon, we will pack up and leave for vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC on an incentive trip he won for being so kick butt at his real job too! {Derek, words cannot express how happy I am to be your wife, thank you for loving me the way you do! You inspire every part of me.} 

Who inspires you? What have you been meaning to thank someone for that can't wait any longer? Today, take the time to write the words that have been laid on your heart. You'll be glad you did! Happy Inspiration Sunday! Don't forget to enter our killer giveaway {graphic courtesy of my hunky hubby Derek :)}



  1. What an awesome hubby!!!!! Does he do this for others, like me??? LOL :):):) I need to find someone to give me a total makeover but for a low price since I have a small budget... :):)Thanks for visiting my blog. I will share about your giveaway on my facebook wall.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks SO much!! Yes, I love him and appreciate him MUCHO!!! I used www.themodernpolkadot for my blog set up and for my web site set up, both super reaonable and awsome! I would offer my Hubby if I didn't already use ALL his free time with my honey do lists. :)

  3. Fantastic picture! So sweet!!

    You have a keeper there. Way to go hubby Derek!

  4. And have a great time on your trip. I love Myrtle Beach!!

  5. A lovely tribute to your wonderful husband. Hugs!

  6. Hi Sara,
    Trip was great, I love Myrtle Beach too! I had fun chatting!

    Hi! Thanks a bunch!!! xoxo


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