Saturday, September 4, 2010

{Saturday Etsy Love} - Whitney Smith + Exciting Giveaway News!!

I searched for the perfect business card holder on Etsy, and ended up with this. :) No, really, I  put my business cards in this adorable bird cupcake holder. I am SO in love with the smile it puts on my face everytime I reach for one of my cards! I am also in love with several of Whitney's other designs, these are on my wish list.

Ahh, pure beauty! Whitney's pottery pieces are functional art, to check out more of her work, visit her Etsy Shop.

Shop News

I am going on vacation!!! Yeah! All current orders are going out in today's mail and any new orders and emails will be taken care of September 14th when I return. I am going to miss you all bunches, but while I am gone we are having another GIVEAWAY!!! So please participate, have fun and invite all of your friends to join!

Meet me back here soon for the details and don't forget, when I return there will also be FREE Halloween printables for everyone! Yipee!!!



  1. Those pieces are gorgeous!

    I'm so reader has been funky lately and your posts haven't been popping up. So I've missed the last couple. Am trying to catch up now!!

  2. Sara,
    No, no...I need your reader to work, I thrive on all of your sweet comments! :) Shipping tomorrow, SO excited!!


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