Monday, August 30, 2010

{Crafty Monday} - Auntie Robin's No Sew Tutu

 If it were up to me, Kailey would wear a tutu everywhere, little girls just look so sweet in them! There are some great tutu and pettiskirt shops on Etsy (more on that later), but a tutu is just so much more special when it is handmade with love from your Auntie! Thank you Auntie Robin for Kailey's adorable petal pink no sew tutu, we cherish it! Make your own no sew tutu in minutes with Auntie Robin's simple instructions.

 1. Gather your materials:  You will need scissors, 6 yards of tulle in one solid color or a combination of colors and any ribbon style of your choice (not wired) for the waistband at least ¾ of an inch wide up to 1 ½ inches wide.

2. Lay tulle out across a large flat surface with fold toward you. Cut 4-6-inch wide strips using all of the tulle. Pieces should be about 18 inches long and 4 inches wide when you are done. It is not important that the strips be perfectly straight or exactly 6 inches wide.

3. Cut length of ribbon for your child’s waist size, I double the child’s waist to start. You can leave it long and always shorten it later.

4. Open a strip of tulle and place the center over the back of the waist ribbon. Pull tulle around to the front and tie snuggly. Repeat with all tulle pieces.

5. Once all pieces are securely tied on you can spread them out more evenly. Then just tie your new no-sew tutu around your little one in a pretty bow and enjoy!

Extra Tips:  

*To save time use your first piece of tulle you cut as a pattern to cut out your remaining pieces.

*Your no-sew tutu is totally customizable for your child's height and weight and can be made for babies to teens with the same instructions! If you are making your no-sew tutu for a little baby you will probably want a shorter version, to accomplish this simply gather the ends of the tutu in your hand and cut a couple inches off. The best part about this no-sew tutu, it's not meant to be perfect and actually looks better when it's not! Have fun and don't forget to send in pictures of your tutu masterpiece!

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