Friday, August 13, 2010

{Friday Blog Obsession} - Fresh Chick Design Studio

 Yes, I picked another party girl blog to feature. I can't help it, they are SO darn fun! Especially this one, I adore Rebecca so much she is now my personal friend on facebook. Her style is quirky and fun whether she is designing or writing. I just love getting her posts; they make me smile from ear to ear. Go now and subscribe to her BLOG, you'll be so glad you did! Check out her killer house - oh ya, she is an interior designer as well as a party girl/graphic designer.

Visit her BLOG for more, she is oh so talented! Here are a couple of my favorite graphic designs of hers.

Isn't she amazing!!! I'm telling you, I had trouble picking which pictures to feature! Want more? Visit her SHOP for many more designs and loads of fun!



  1. I'm so jealous of her house. I just can't seem to pull things together like that!

  2. Sara,
    I can not agree with you more!! :)

  3. Hi
    I like the copper key to my heart necklace.
    A lovely site.

  4. I want to LIVE in that room someday! It just says "relax" to me.