Monday, August 16, 2010

{Crafty Monday} - Make Your Own Bow Holder

So cute, so simple and so needed if you have a little girl! Stop by your local craft store and pick up 3 types of ribbon in varying colors and widths, a wood heart or any other shape or letter of preference, hot glue gun, hot glue and craft paint. Paint your wood shape and let it dry, for best results apply a second coat. Cut your 3 pieces of ribbon the same length and glue them together with hot glue. Now glue the top of your ribbon to the back of your painted wood shape or letter and cut the bottom of the ribbon in any fancy way you like. Adorable, simple and a great excuse to get on Etsy and buy more bows!



  1. Adorable and so if Pie just had some hair to put bows in...

  2. Sara,
    Pie is adorable!!! Her hair will grow in before you know it!