Monday, August 2, 2010

{Crafty Monday} - Make Your Own Journal

I just love decorating these little composition books, I never run out of reasons to make them. They make a perfect gift or thank you, would be perfect to make kids schoolwork a bit more fun and they make a wonderful journal. For the above journal, follow these simple steps:

1. Gather your supplies from your local craft store (composition journal, 4 pieces of scrapbook paper - 2 are for the front and 2 are for the inside cover so pick them accordingly, glue - Zip Dry brand glue is a must for this project to keep bubbles from forming, scissors, and any decorations you might want - this project uses 1 K initial in glitter chipboard)
2. Apply your Zip Dry glue to the face of your composition journal (do not put glue on the spine of your journal). Make sure that the glue gets to the very edges of the journal.
3. Next take your scrapbook paper and place it onto the glue on your composition journal lining it up along the spine of the journal. At this point your paper will greatly stick over the edge of your journal.
4. Now, turn your journal over, open the front page and trim off the extra paper by cutting right up against the edge of your journal.
5. For the backside and 2 inside covers of your journal repeat steps 2-4.
6. Add your initial or other decoration of choice.

Below are 2 examples of composition journals I made for my blog writing and my Hubby. For these examples, cut a strip wide enough to cover the entire spine of the book and glue it down after the front and back covers are glued down but before the decorations are added. Next, let your imagination go wild and decorate. Have a blast! 

Blog Journal

Hubby Journal



  1. I made one of these last year for my sister she loved it! so cute!

  2. Sarah,
    That is awesome, I would love to see a picture! It was great talking with you today! :)

  3. So funny...I read this last night (well today at like 1am) and had a Stamp party tonight with friends. We planed on making just cards but my friend who is a demonstrator for Stampin' Up had us do this project along with the cards :) I told her about your Crafty Monday so she may be checking out your page as well :)

  4. Lisa,
    That is SO cool, I really want to see pics of everything! Thanks a bunch for spreading the word about Crafty Monday!