Sunday, August 15, 2010

{A Little Inspiration Sunday} - Tazo Zen Green Iced Tea & Lists!

What is keeping me inspired? Yummy caffeinated Tazo Tea and lists!!! It's August 15th and our website is officially open! While we still have many products to add, our website has come a long way! We now have products in every category except bracelets, and those are coming soon! We have a new about me page, policies page, available fonts page and a super cool gallery of previous custom orders. Go check it out and let me know what you think!
My to do lists definitely keep me inspired! I used to love using pretty paper and colored ink to make my to do lists, but lately they have been changing so often a pencil has been a necessity. And, my pretty paper has been swapped for already used scraps of computer paper. Here is a picture of my current to do list, if you look real close you can see where I have erased what has been finished and added new to dos. I love lists! What keeps you inspired? Do you keep a running to do list?
Today is our 1 month Anniversary of blogging and we have hit 50 facebook fans, YIPPEE! Thank you all so much! As promised this weeks Wednesday Product Feature post will announce the HUGE giveaway reveal - don't miss out!



  1. your Doing Great! I love the to do list, Where would we be with out them!lol!